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I am going to spend more time talking about TWITTER-If you are not a member join now it is free and easy to use,very much like blogging except you only have 140 characters to use,however this platform is based more on action to what you are doing at the moment in time-like I could twitter a post as "just writing a post about twitter on my blog" you then attach your blog or website URL -4 mins done, you have just advertised your self.

If you are creating a special blog on a niche idea,when joining Twitter have this in mind when picking user name,such as you were selling dog products your name could be "Dog Man" or "My Doggy Shop" something along those lines.

Now never just post links all the time without content you will get thrown out-which I agree! you are not there to spam. More you are with Twitter to build many followers with great content about yourself,and in the process you send them to your blogs or affiliate web sites. No where will you get such a free platform for FREE to promote your business ideas.

How to get followers:  This is fun and interesting-for instance to day just started following Kevin Spacey the actor,even Oprah is on there plus Brittany and more-join with them they have thousand of followers-Warning-remember your niche above all things. There are easy things to do to get followers

Finding people that use Twitter who are interested in your niche is actually quite easy. You just have to get a little creative with a Twitter Search Engine. Simply enter some keywords related to your niche, focusing especially on current hot topics or trends. The search engine will bring back all recent tweets containing those terms then all you need to do is look at the tweet and if it looks relevant click through to the user profile to see what other things that user tweets about.

First of all if you have a web presence such as a website or blog, make sure you advertise your Twitter profile prominently. This can just be a simple text link like I use in my sidebar. For WordPress blogs you can take this a step further and use a widget to display your latest tweets. Look to my widget on the left.


There are a couple of Firefox plugins I like--

Twitter Bin Another sidebar plugin for Firefox.


If you don’t have a web presence try some blog commenting but using your Twitter Profile as your link. Also insert your link into email or forum signatures if you use those. I now have mine in my Warrior Forum sig. Another way to pick up a few followers is to just follow other people in your chosen area of interest - there are still some people who follow back anyone who follows them!

The Sites I Use Below

(1) Twhirl Great tool that can sit on your desk top that you can tweet from and follow all your followers-

the greatest thing is you are able to cloak(hide) your long URL'S which you can use anywhere,like Adwords-again free

(2) Tweetdeck You have to make decisions here as Tweetdeck is a bigger page but really cool-Also again you can cloak your URL'S for free,better than using Twitter to cloak-Only my opinion.

(3) Tweet Later is also free and offers you the chance to personalize your thank you message for following you,very handy as I never spam this message with my url's or products-just say something like "Thank you for following me looking forward to your Tweets~Darkmonk" something along those lines.

(4) Tweet Karma
This again is free and lets you see who is following you and who you follow.What is the point in following people that have no interest in your Tweets, get rid of them as you only need true friends that are interested in what you have to say.
Will post more as I find great sites to help us Twitter better!


Now to Play Twitter with the BIG BOYS-are you up to this???????

The main player that will get you 10,000 followers if not double depending on your effort,but real easy to use site is? - no not done explaining the benefits-30,000 followers will give you the amazing factor of being able to contact these people with your posts and subtle ways of promoting your blog or Affiliate program-

You will never get this with Adwords as long as you have a hole up your butt-sorry to be crude-but having spent some years spending a small fortune on Adwords, far more than ever made selling my Affiliate programs (be careful with Adwords-will post more on this) Also chasing search engine placements which is a waste of time as Google will find you as long as your content is good-This is direct face to face with people! Twitter rules in my book learn how to use it before you sit back on your hands and go "Was going to do That"

You have a website and blogs whatever-you also are trying to sell affiliate programs if not your own? So far you have only spent say $10 for Domain-$10 hosting a month and free advertising, maybe a stab at Adwords but selling sweet all-Why?? Traffic,Traffic to your site is all important-My view is this,say you have 80 people a day looking at your blog (google analytics use this tool to check--) lets be really honest here using 80-20 rule you are very unlikely to make a sale-did they come from Search engines-direct links or programs like Stumbleupon,which I will talk on next post-find out-

Now lets consider this-Say you rented a car yard-stay with me here-you bought the best stock,big banners on the showroom,great busy spot-So now you wait for walk in traffic- In 2009 people use the internet to search for the best BMW and cheap on line- Advertising,websites,insurance,employing people- BOY is this expensive--

Back to the internet working from home-so far we have spent a small amount of money,however we have put hours into blogs and websites-I know trust me on that! Still we expect to make money-Guess you might see where I am coming from. Can you really think that the blog or website you have which is a BUSINESS yes a business will expand if you do not invest some cash into it-Look,great if your blog is about your life and pictures-you should not be on my site. I am real serious about making money blogging.

Again only my view,but feel if you do not have at least a $1000 to invest in your online future,stay with your day job---Know I sound hard here but over the last 4 years have invested time,money,my life researching how to make a buck on line-guess you are lucky me giving a portion of this away free-Not for long will be selling a few Ebooks soon that will have all my learning curves written-Sorry lets go back--


The main one is Hummingbird for Twitter Will teach you how to get thousands of followers with ease and join there Affiliate program for free-Great tools-The site you click on is by me with a video and more information-Just wanted to show you Hummingbird-Should you go ahead this will cost you $97 - Not hiding anything here, straight to the heart. If you are not ready to spend the money why look, as it will upset you not to go ahead.


Video to understand Hummingbird


Next great Twitter learning which is cheaper and bloody good value is  Rockstar Valued at $49 -Really great value Just read web page and look at videos.


Preview Of Rockstar

View Website Here-Look And Learn


Video To Get Free Tools For Twitter


Join Tweet Later-I use this-Bloody Great!

So there you go,have a look at the websites and remember Twitter does Rock-Be prepared to put effort in-"Money is like blood has to circulate" keep trying to get your little bit of blood.



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