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Welcome to Be-Come-Free.  My blog is all about trying to survive and make a dollar from the internet

Many years I have been trying to battle this hard journey-Along the way I learnt to trade the  Forex and stock market-However I eventually gave it all back-I spent a small fortune on reading and buying software that promised me $$$$$$$$$$-Result was they got rich and I was out there on a spin of life again looking for the Holy Grail in trading-Reality is there is none---

This is not far removed from Internet Marketing-The promises are the same-Maybe worse as they sucker the person in on credit cards and wild scams to make millions in a year-Who makes the money? Never you!

So after pushing another small fortune into this game,some few years later I woke up!-So this blog is to help you not waste pressure time and money to get where I am.

Why would I bother to help You?

Simply put: I do not have to---

Why-Read-But first put your mind into a open base factor,not oh yerr right-loosen up and read.

I want to complete the opposite to all other big players in internet marketing.- Giving as much free help and lessons to get you up and running to start making a dollar-Think if you make money so do I-Hence will be posting some Affiliate programs I have tried and proved to work- Let us  expand and learn-Have fun here and email or post any help you need,more heads are better than one!

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