You Need To Download these basic plugin's-Remember they are zipped,so you need to set up a folder as on your desktop to unzip-

These are the Plugins you need--

#1. Akismet
#2. SEO Pack
#3. Google Sitemap XML Generator
#4. Redirections
#5. WordPress Automatic Upgrades
#6. WordPress Footer
#7.WordPress Back up
#8.WP Cache

Then extract to a separate folder set up on your desktop so you can find it easily-Then you need to use your FTP program (previous post) to up load them to WordPress in your WP-Content/Pluging Folder-Go back to WordPress and activate them from your plugin page

Go Do this now- Email me if you get stuck.
OK- You should have those basic Plugins set up in WordPress-Here are 10 very professional Video's for free from Become A Blogger a site I really recommend you go and view, as these guys are machines in Blogging success.
10 Free WordPress Video's Please view as they really are free and great help.

Now is the time to think as you move on how you want your blog to be-Just a fun blog or maybe a blog that gives you a chance to make some money-

Remember any blog should be made on your hobbies,niche ideas you know something about or are prepared to put effort in learning.It does not matter if you are a Mum at home or retired there is always something you have a flair for or some knowledge on you can write about and that people will read and follow your future posts.

So going back to plugins I bought this one called  PHPBAY This Wonderful plugin will extract Ebay products. phpBay Pro is an extremely powerful php based Ebay affiliate script for building high quality, search engine optimised, profitable niche websites that can generate a steady stream of revenue. It's available in two formats: a remarkably simple-to-use  Ebay WordPress Plugin and a stand alone API version for integrating into other types of php based websites.

Got Ebay

With phpBay Pro, you can quickly and easily add rich keyword based content to your php driven website or WordPress blog to compliment your existing content and encourage visitors to impulsively buy products from your site. When a user clicks on a product and places a winning bid, you receive a commission from Ebay. Additionally, if a user signs up for a new Ebay account, you receive a bonus! With over 80,000,000 products on Ebay, you can easily add virtually any type of product to your site and start earning revenue today!

You need to join  Ebay Partner Net Work which is so easy to join and  start earning money.

Intergrate into wordpress with ease-Just have a look at this blog of mine to see what I mean  Dogs-B-Fit Scroll on this post to near the bottom and see how I have extracted Ebay products for sale which I earn commission on even if shoppers buy something completely different-Neat is it not?-Just imagine the power of this great plugin-You can show as few products as one, or up to a hundred if they have that many for sale on Ebay-Also put anywhere on your post or build a page like this- Books -----

Quick look at option page


How your store will look on your blog

your Ebay store
your Ebay store

You have to admit this is a little mind blowing,it was for me anyway. Making money with Ebay is simple! Simply register with one of the supported affiliates listed above, install phpBay Pro, enter your affiliate settings and start building and promoting your site(s)
Support is beyond reproach Wade Wells the developer got back to me within hours on questions I was not sure of, also they have a great forum that you can learn so much with how to tweak your searches to just get what you want to show on your site--
And yes if you buy  PHPBAY I will make a small dollar from you,am not hiding anything about my self here.We all need to survive-Also I would not recommended anything I have not bought and tried myself. Again email me if you want some information or look at the  FAQs.  Once you purchase you are able to also become an affiliate.





This is not cheap. All other plugins I have showed you are free-I will say this-I got my money back within 15 days of purchases through Ebay buyers and getting better as I learn from the members forum how to tweak my searches for better results on products I want to show.

You need to ask yourself if your blog is going to become a way of earning some money for yourself-If that is the dream you want,then to set up a Ebay store that looks to be integrated inside your blog and start to make money instantly is not that expensive-Do not forget this is a one license cost to put on as many blogs sites you desire to build.Potentially the more earnings you can achieve.


There is also a product called PHPzone which is in beta mode-so you can buy this at only $30 at present to PhpBay purchases- GUESS WHAT THIS DOES!  It extracts Amazon products in the same way so you can have two stores working for you- Will talk about this on another post.
Will have other Plugins you might want to buy once I have finished testing them out.
Take Care


Written by Darkmonk How To Make Your Niche Blog or Website
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